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Users of the Honor 20 Lite have access to Huawei's own telephony app for calls. It allows direct access to a numeric dial pad as well as contacts and saved favorites in two additional tabs. Since the volume of our conversational partners is only moderately high, loud ambient noise can interfere with communication. Quieter ambient noise is filtered out reliably however and the call quality is good.

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On the back of the 20 Lite, Honor installs a triple-camera. Details and fine structures are separated clearly and colors look vibrant. Users may influence the image quality through the camera app by enabling a Bokeh mode, various lighting effects or soft focus via the beauty mode. With the AI mode, the 20 Lite selects the best settings for the current motif automatically. The main camera takes great panorama shots that capture a lot of details and separate the boundaries of objects well. Shots against the light cause the image to become too dark however, which also negatively impacts colors.

Close-up shots capture focused objects with a lot of detail and retain a lot of sharpness, even at greater magnification levels. The colors appear somewhat dull however. While the camera of the 20 Lite is able to capture our test image even under poor lighting conditions, the resulting picture noticeably lacks sharpness. Aside from the aforementioned options also found on the front camera, the main camera includes modes such as various color filters and a pro mode. The latter allows for adjusting the brightness, ISO-setting, shutter speed, exposure value, focus and color balance.

The quality of video recordings is similar to that of our sample pictures. The camera manages to offset transitions from bright to dark image areas after a short delay and users have the option to use a beauty mode here as well. Furthermore, there is wide-angle mode and the option to choose between different resolutions.

The following modes are available:. Choose a scene and navigate within the first image. One click changes the position on touchscreens. One click on the zoomed-in image opens the original in a new window. The first image shows the scaled photograph of the test device. We use ColorChecker passport to determine how well the camera of the Honor 20 Lite is able to capture colors.

It reveals that colors appear too dark.

The Honor smartphone is able to depict our test chart well under controlled lighting conditions. Fine details and structures remain clearly distinguishable and colors look vibrant. There is a noticeable paleness towards the middle of the left edge. Honor does not offer additional accessories specifically tailored to the 20 Lite.

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That said, the manufacturer offers numerous generic smartphone accessories in an online shop, ranging from headphones to powerbanks to smart wristbands. Honor offers buyers of the 20 Lite a warranty period of 24 months. Further information on this topic can be found in our FAQ regarding guarantees, return policies and warranties. The keyboard app SwiftKey is available for the typing needs of users of the Honor 20 Lite.

It allows users to quickly enter longer sentences without too much of a hassle. The touchscreen responds to inputs reliably and relays them directly to the system. The installed screen protector tends to get in the way of drag-and-drop movements however. The position sensor reacts reliably to rotations of the smartphone and quickly adjust the display orientation of the phone.

There is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the Android smartphone for unlocking the phone. It quickly recognizes stored fingerprints and unlocks the Honor 20 without delay. The Honor 20 Lite's screen consists of a 6. With the ambient light sensor enabled, maximum brightness is nits and up to nits in the APL50 test. The display begins to flicker with a frequency of Hz at brightness levels below 15 percent.

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There should be no flickering or PWM above this brightness setting. If PWM was detected, an average of minimum: 5 - maximum: Hz was measured. Our measurements from the Honor 20 Lite reveal a relatively low contrast ratio of and an elevated black value of 0. This causes colors not to be clearly distinguished and black areas of the picture to appear as though they have a faint gray veil. Due to both values being low, the Android smartphone comes in last in our comparison.

Users also have the option of adjusting the color temperature through the modes standard, normal, and vibrant.

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There is also a freely adjustable gamut, which allows users to individually influence color representation. The Honor 20 Lite is well-suited to outdoor use, as long as you stay in the shade. Its brightness is sufficiently high for display contents to remain discernible. Glare and reflections of surrounding objects do occur however, impeding the readability of screen contents. Screen contents are recognizable at almost every angle without distortions or misrepresented colors. As long as there are no reflections from objects in the near vicinity or glare, the Android smartphone can be used from unusual viewing angles.

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The hardware is able to run most apps that are needed during daily use, while also possessing a few additional resources for slightly more demanding applications. The 20 Lite achieved scores not unlike those of the Huawei P Smart Plus in our benchmarks, putting it in the middle range in our comparison. However, it only falls behind by a small margin and sometimes even outperforms the Honor smartphone. Compared to other devices in our comparison, the Honor 20 Lite reaches an average result in our browser benchmarks.

Here, it also sometimes scores marginally higher or lower than the Huawei P Smart Plus , depending on the benchmark. During daily use, the browser of the 20 Lite displays web pages quickly and smoothly. Media content loads quickly as well. In our storage benchmarks, the 20 Lite, again, scores an average result compared to other devices in our comparison. It also narrowly outperforms the Huawei P Smart Plus in this test.

According to the manufacturer, the internal storage can be expanded by up to 1 TB with a microSD card.

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With our reference card Toshiba Exceria Pro M, the integrated card reader achieves data transfer rates that are on par with the other devices in our comparison. The titles we tested, " Arena of Valor" and " Asphalt 9: Legends" , ran smoothly even on high settings. The touchscreen controls were responsive and did not appear to have any delays.

The Honor 20 Pro has been added to the list of Google Play Certified Devices

Only longer drag-and-drop movements are hindered somewhat by the applied screen protector. The gyroscope reacted reliably as well and directly relayed smartphone movements to the respective game. Our measurements of the Honor 20 Lite's surfaces reveal temperatures of up to The smartphone feels particularly warm in the upper half of the device.

During our testing, we did not experience any limitations that could be attributed to excessively high temperatures. The Honor 20 Lite's speaker offers a moderate volume level and a relatively balanced sound, which is characterized by a sharp decline of frequencies below the mids and an underrepresented high end of the spectrum. Thus it is definitely suitable for occasional media playback in quiet environments. For prolonged listening sessions, users should invest in external speakers or headphones, which aside from Bluetooth can also be connected via the 3.

Plugs snap in firmly and the connection does not negatively impact the sound quality. According to our measurements, the Honor 20 Lite consumes at least 0. These consumption values are slightly higher than those of other smartphones in our comparison, only the Samsung Galaxy A40 has an identical average consumption. The included USB charger delivers 10 watts and is thus sufficiently equipped to power the Honor 20 Lite regardless of the load level.


In our Wi-Fi test, which aims to mirror real-world conditions, the Honor 20 Lite lasts for about eleven and a half hours before it needs to be reconnected to a charger. This is a much better result than that of the Huawei P Smart Plus , which despite its identical battery lasts for a significantly shorter amount of time. The included charger can fully charge the 3, mAh battery of the Honor 20 Lite within approximately two hours. In our test, the Honor 20 Lite presented itself as solid mid-range smartphone. While the performance level is just average compared to similar devices, the large internal storage and the handy triple-camera are definitely good arguments for a purchase.

Additionally, battery life is long and users can expand the internal storage by up to one terabyte. The 20 Lite does lack a true highlight however, although it does not have a lot of competition within its device class when it comes to its strong 32 MP front camera. The Honor 20 Lite's screen possesses an average brightness; the contrast ratio and black value are mediocre at best compared to the competition however. Additionally, the slow Wi-Fi connection is only able to communicate on the 2. Since NFC is available and for those who prefer to browse using the mobile network and LTE as well as take high-resolution selfies often, the Honor 20 Lite may still be the right Android smartphone.

HiSilicon Kirin Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Honor 20 Lite. The phone technically has four cameras on the back: one 48MP standard camera, a 16MP super-wide angle camera, a 2MP fixed focus macro camera and a 2MP depth assist camera.

However, the depth camera is just that, an assistant helping produce bokeh effects in portrait mode, not a camera in its own right. And while the macro camera sounds like a fun idea, the images produced are poor. Low-light performance is pretty good too. It even produces better macro shots than the dedicated macro camera. The ultra-wide angle camera is also a lot of fun to use, turning those short-range landscape photos into large, expansive shots.