Tracking a mobile Meizu

Occasionally, the camera missed shots of fast-moving subjects like children or pets, but no camera is perfect.

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Images right out of the camera had just a wee bit more magenta than the iPhone 6S Plus, but colors were still natural and not displeasing. Up close with tricky lighting situations such as a bright window scene, the iPhone retained more detail outside. At parts where the lighting is blown-out, the images reveal that the Meizu lens suffered from some chromatic aberration the purple ghosting at bright parts and lighting bleeding into dark areas.

Thanks to the BSI sensor, whose design is made to allow more light to hit it, the Meizu also showed decent noise control in dim lighting. Both the iPhone and Meizu preserved detail in this up-close shot of a plant that wasn't lit well, but the Meizu shot was a little softer. The speed and reliability of Meizu's fingerprint scanner really impressed me.


It's as fast as the improved iPhone 6S scanner, and not as finicky as the earlier iPhone 6's scanner, which was both slower and required a fuller thumbprint to unlock the phone. The custom skin clearly has its heart in the right place — it tries to simplify and clean up the interface and make the learning curve less steep for new users. Its apps are laid out on its home screen on multiple pages, for instance. This feels a lot cleaner than many Android interfaces, which hide apps away in an "app drawer" and bog down the interface with resource-hungry bells and whistles.

Unlike other custom Chinese versions of Android, which don't support the official Google ecosystem, Flyme OS started offering the Google Play store in alongside its own alternative app store.

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As with most unofficial app stores, users should be careful when downloading from there, because you might not recognize a sinister app that happens to make it through. Although the phone comes with Google Play, it doesn't automatically rely on Google for typical functions like backing up or email Gmail isn't the default client. I still decided to manually download Gmail, mostly because Flyme OS's email app was so unintuitive.

Track And Find the Meizu M5 Note

Even iOS's default email app can figure that out for most popular email services. Meizu has also chosen not to build in a separate back button, or support it onscreen with a virtual key. So let me save you 10 minutes: Triggering the "back" function often needed in the Android experience is done by lightly tapping — not depressing — the physical home button.

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  • It's easy now that you know, but took me 10 frustrating minutes to figure it out. If you're keen to explore a realm outside Android, Meizu's just announced an Ubuntu version of the Pro 5. Same device hardware, but running the Linux OS, which could present more of a challenge for users accustomed to Android and iOS.

    This Chinese smartphone is almost perfect, except for one thing...

    For one, Ubuntu's interface is a departure from apps , and instead presents information in what it calls " scopes. With other app-based OSes, you would typically jump into a weather app for weather information, and go to a separate app for nearby restaurants. Power users might be intrigued by having the Ubuntu name on a phone, but by the looks of early peeks at Ubuntu interface, it appears to be far less intuitive than Android as a whole. Meizu M5 Blue, 32 GB.

    Nice look nice display but betary back up is poor,camera is also good for great selfie.

    Extremely powerful with an evaluation point of 290,000

    Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer Nov, Pawan Giri Certified Buyer Nov, The best phone in this price segment. It's my second Meizu Phone.

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    • Performance is very smooth with it's Flyme and Android combination. Mohd Alam Certified Buyer 5 months ago. Pros Best value for money as I bought it for just performance is decent ok for normal use display is good battery backup is decent. Unless u play ga Dheepak Gunasekaran Certified Buyer 1 month ago.

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      This is the best budget mobile under which I've orderd for my friend. Bharath Kommalapati Certified Buyer 4 months ago. Back to top.