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Like the Nex S, the V15 Pro has a mechanized front-facing camera — this one packing a megapixel sensor. And other refinements abound, like slimmer bezels it has a But as with the Nex S, a few niggling issues make it tough to recommend. To that end, the bezels measure just 1. The Vivo feels more top-heavy than the Nex S, which makes intuitive sense — the top portion houses the mechanical front-facing camera and triple-sensor rear camera, in addition to a 3.

Two finishes are available at launch: Topaz Blue and Coral Red.

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Our review unit is the former. But unlike most of the competition, it has a secret weapon: A megapixel sensor more on that later. In tandem with a Night Sight -inspired AI Super Night Mode that snaps several pics at different exposures and combines them to achieve better brightness and clarity, this helps the V15 Pro hold its own in dark environments, ostensibly, at least.

The wide-angle camera works as advertised, in my limited testing.

AI Scene Identification identifies 17 different scenes — including people, nighttime settings, flowers and plants, and food — and automatically adjusts certain settings accordingly. I left this enabled for the most part. Face Beauty — a carryover from the Nex S — somewhat creepily analyzes things like skin type, tone, gender, and age and attempts to smooth away wrinkles and blemishes.

And AI Portrait Framing suggests the optimal angle for portrait shots, taking into account factors like distance, orientation, and position of in-frame faces. Other useful features include a game mode, iPhone X style gestures, clone apps, split screen function and screen recording.

Vivo offers optimisations for third party apps to use the notch too — you can select which apps run full screen, in or aspect ratio. One issue is that due to the notch, you do not see icons for unread incoming notifications on top. It seems that the notch is actually increasing fragmentation in Android rather than becoming a coveted feature. Apart from the display, the first thing you notice about the V9 is that it is surprisingly lightweight — just grams, and this is largely due to the plastic back.

We do like that the sleek design and curved back makes it comfortable to hold. The downside is that the plastic is prone to wear and tear — we saw scratch marks within a few days.

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No complaints when it comes to performance and gaming. At times with over 20 apps running in background we noticed some sluggishness with 3D games or while scrolling through a Facebook feed. Battery life is average at best. It can last from 9 am to 6 pm, but you will have to charge it twice a day. The camera takes fantastic photos with crisp details and good colours. We think the AI beautification did a pretty good job.

Vivo V15 PRO

The portrait mode also does a good job with edge detection as long as there is enough light. You also get a group selfie mode and a professional mode for the front camera. Vivo also uses the front camera for Face unlock on the V9 and it works well, although it does not have the raise to wake screen and unlock feature as the Oppo F7.

This gives the V9 an advantage over the Oppo F7 in delivering a superior bokeh effect. Photos taken from the V9 capture good details, natural colour and the edge detection is great. However, in low light, the camera suffers from visible noise in most photos. Vivo also offers the option of adjusting focus in an image after its taken — always a useful feature. There are a number of handy features in the user interface such as game mode disables notifications and rejects incoming calls , iPhone X style gestures for control and navigation, Motorbike mode, and a one-handed mode.

The notch on top of both these phones is smaller than the one on the Apple iPhone X. The notch is here to stay and we can expect this trend to continue on almost all new Android phones this year. Thanks to the aspect ratio screens, both phones are about the same size as a phone with a 5. If you keep them side by side with the display off, it is difficult to tell them apart. However, when it comes to performance, the Oppo has the advantage because of the stronger Helio P60 processor and better optimised user interface.

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